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    Division 71 Bodyboards – COMING SOON!

    March 4th, 2010

    Division 71 bodyboards by Catch Surf

    Division 71 Bodyboards
    The Black Lite series made with Division 71’s proprietary Black Lite core, the future gold standard in high performance bodyboards.

    Division 71 high performance bodyboards
    On the left is Division 71’s Super Deluxe model which features our charged Dow core which offers unmatched projection and stifness. On the right is one of Brian Peterson’s throwback to the oldschool boards.

    Division 71 bodyboards Taylor Page
    Taylor Page. Divsion 71 team rider.

    Division 71 bodyboard shaper Brian Peterson
    Division 71 owned and ran by surfers and bodyboarders. All shapes, designs and manufacturing led by master shaper Brian Peterson at AREA 71 in San Clemente, California.
    BP Gloves
    Only the finest ingredients….

    Chris Monroe Wedge Division 71 bodyboard_Low
    Chris Monroe. Division 71 teamrider.