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  • Odysea Stump surfboard HOUR OF POWER

    April 19th, 2014


    We gave Kalani Robb, Colton Overin and Nate Yeomans each 20 minutes to surf the all new Catch Surf Odysea Stump surfboard in less than ideal conditions here in San Clemente and this is the shredding that went down in that hour. All three riders have never ridden the board before and after the session they were all craving more!

  • Locals Only, Bro. No Kooks

    April 15th, 2014

    This is pretty classic. Have a gander.

  • Catch Surf King of the Bells contest

    April 14th, 2014

    This past weekend in Peru, the Catch Surf King of the Bells surf contest went down at Punta Negra beach and the waves were pumping! All the competitors surfed the 5′6″ Odysea Skipper board with plenty of shredding and charging going on throughout the day but in the end it was Miguel Tudela taking the big win! Check out some of the pics from the madness below and big congrats to all the finalists! Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia


    1. Miguel Tudela
    2. Joaquin Castagnetto
    3. Alejo Loret De Mola
    4. Matias Mulanovich

    Best Performance: Gustavo Swayne
    Monster Wave: Joule Escuza
    Best Wipeout: Harold Koechlin

    King of the Bells champ Miguel Tudela with moves like this to gain the 1st place honor. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Competitors were getting sick waves like this one of Joule Escuza. Joule won the Monster Wave award for the day. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Competitors and spectators soaking in the action. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Alejo Loret going to the air game to secure a 3rd place finish in the event. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    2nd place finisher Joaquin Castagnetto deciding to pull in and get a frothy view. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Some more crowd action as Anastasia Ashley watches on. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Javier Swayne trying to get away from that not so happy looking lip. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    The finalists walked away with some serious loot! Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Bernardo Zignago taking it off the top. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Harold Koechlin won the Best Wipeout award and this pic might have been taken afterwards right when he was seeing stars on the beach. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Miguel Tudela shredding every wave he got. Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

    Yeah Miguel! Pics: Harry Petersen and Ignacio Garcia

  • WATCH NOW!!!

    April 11th, 2014

    THIS IS CATCH SURF from Catch Surf on Vimeo.

    We spared no expense on this one…. Special effects, bikini models, big wave surfing, yachts, real unicorns, egyptian pyramids, etc! Click play and check out the new Catch Surf brand reel.

  • Throwback Thursday

    April 10th, 2014

    Check out this full length video of OG street skating legend Natas Kaupas. This guy was shredding it hard back in the day…

  • Random Pix Wednesday

    April 9th, 2014

    Nate Yeomans carving it up on the Odysea Skipper yesterday morning.

    Johnny keeping it classy on the Catch Surf yacht with our new paradise print gear. CLICK HERE and check it out.

    The weather is warming up on the East Coast and our rep Ryan Savage is right there with his Odysea LOG to enjoy! Pic. Steele Photoz

    The soldiers about to do battle in the sea of fun. Pic. Nakisurf.com

    Kalani Robb’s new pro model Beater is coming in hot and also doubles a heat-seeking missile. Pic. Kalani Robb

    Johnny was able to avoid boards being thrown at him on this wave, so he threw down a nice little backside float on his new Beater pro model. Pic. Nakisurf.com

    Johnny’s new weapon of choice. The Johnny Redmond signature Beater Pro model. Pic. Nakisurf.com

    Christian Castro taking his game to the air on the single fin Original 54 Beater at Makapuu beach in Hawaii.

    Kalani pulling out all the tricks yesterday on the 9′ Odysea LOG.

    Maryland’s Matt Landon stylin’ it out on the 7′ Odysea LOG this past weekend.

  • Kalani on Cote’s Cube

    April 9th, 2014

    Kalani was on Cote’s Cube yesterday. Have a laugh and watch.

  • New Who is JOB episode

    April 4th, 2014

    Check out the newest episode of Who is JOB 4.0. Pipe chargin’

    Little sneak peek of the all new 5′ tri-fin Odysea Stump board coming out next week!

    Poopies looking good in the Surf or Die Catch Surf hat!

  • Rejected Catch Surf Ads

    April 3rd, 2014

    We decided to make a new section on the blog paying tribute to the rejected ads of Catch Surf. Every so often we’ll post gems up like the one above which got rejected because it came out a little too hot and radical for the surf mags to run. No worries though, we’ll give this rejected eye candy some light here for only our killer blog followers! Keep the radness coming with these Fede Lindo!

  • Random Pix Wednesday

    April 2nd, 2014

    The lovely Elizabeth Velasquez modeling our new Surf or Die tee in milky blue.

    Johnny Redmond breaking out some new moves on the 7′ Odysea LOG. Pic. Jordan Anast

    Our boy Matt Landon with a nice view in North Carolina a couple days ago.

    The first Catch Surf “Beat Off” contest in Australia held at Avalon beach on Sydney’s northern beaches area.

    Kalani Robb working the GoPro angles in Laguna Beach on the Odysea Skipper board.

    The new new.

    Cory Gabriola of UNIV shredding the Beater Original 54 in San Diego county. Pic. Julian Martin