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  • Soft Survival

    July 28th, 2014


    The Soft Top Revolution dudes put out a new edit with Bobby Oktvist and Jack Coleman having some fun on the 7′ Odysea LOG during the recent run of swell here on the West Coast.

  • GET WET Tour Day 7

    July 18th, 2014

    The last day of the tour and the waves were still pumping in New Jersey and the crew was on it early. Kalani Robb carving one out on the Odysea Stump before the promo at Brave New World surfshop in Point Pleasant New Jersey.

    Today’s promo at Brave was awesome and everyone was frothing, getting autographs signed, boards stamped, winning Catch Surf gear and also getting their faces drawn on! Big Joe has been to all our promos here in Point Pleasant and he always puts a smile on our face!

    All the Point Pleasant Catch Surf shredders rule!

    How’s this custom art some dude did on his Beater board. So classic.

    Kalani poses with some serious fans. They own multiple Kalani Robb signature Beaters and also every other hot pink model boards we make.

    After the promo at Brave New World, we headed down to the Harris Street Beach for the expression session surf contest. Waves were definitely fun as you can see.

    Big Joe and another competitor share a fun looking wave. Unlike other contests, Catch Surf doesn’t hand out interferences! We give party wave bonus points!

    A competitor having some fun in the contest.

    Big Joeeeeeeeee!

    Congrats to Matt Diorio, winner of the expression session contest and taking home a new Beater Original 54 single fin!

    After the contest, Kalani grabbed the Super ONE surfboard and showed the kids how to wipeout hard.

    The Catch Surf Get Wet tour has come to an end and we would all like to thank everyone for coming out to the stops and sharing in the fun!

  • GET WET Tour Day 6

    July 17th, 2014

    On day 6 of the tour the crew woke up early to have a shred in Ocean City, New Jersey before heading to Surf City for the Farias promo. As you can see from the photo above, the waves were pumping! Johnny on the Odysea LOG and gunning it in the tube.

    While in Ocean City, NJ we had local legend Todd Diciurcio showing us around and getting us dialed at the best spots to surf. The crew chilling on Todd’s porch, steps from the beach.

    Kalani was frothing on the waves in Ocean City, NJ and he pretty much rode every Catch Surf board we make.. Here Kalani gives the Odysea Stump a little twirl.

    Brian Stoehr was also carving some up on the Odysea Stump in the morning.

    The boys cruising the Jersey shore and ready for fun.

    Johnny Redmond with a Odsyea Stump punt in NJ.

    After shredding the Stump board, Kalani grabbed Brian Stoehr’s signature Odysea stand-up bodyboard and ripped it to shreds!

    Ryan and Kalani getting wierd on one.

    After surfing Ocean City all morning, we then headed to stop 6 which was Farias surfshop in Surf City, NJ. Like every year we had a solid crew of Long Beach Island Catch Surf shredders show up and hang.

    Lots of custom stamped boards and signed posters from the Catch Surf team.

    We love the Long Beach Island crew!

    After the Farias promo we headed across the street for the expression session contest and we were greated with bumpy but fun head high waves.

    The girl shredders of the expression session surf contest all walking away with prizes for charging in the rough conditions.

    LBI legends Mitchell Gaudioso and Big Johnson were special winners of the OG division for shredding the hardest.

    The big winner was Ryan Todd who got the longest rides and won a brand new Catch Surf ONE board and clothing.

    After everything was done, Kalani Robb decided to practice his burn-outs in front of the Farias shop.

  • GET WET Tour Day 5

    July 16th, 2014

    Stop 5 of the GET WET Tour today went down in Ocean City, New Jersey at Heritage surfshop. Kalani thought we were in New Hampshire, but this boat helped him figure it out. Hahaha

    We met some rad kids at the Heritage promo today and it was cool to see everyone rocking their Catch Surf clothes!

    Best cornhole player of the Get Wet tour yet! This dude sunk 2 bags and won a bunch of Catch Surf clothing.

    After the promo at Heritage surfshop, we headed down to Waverly Beach for the expression session surf contest. We were stoked to see these hard core competitors show up as conditions were rough with rain and heavy weather moving in.

    During the awards after the contest, the weather was just starting to get gnarly!! With the rain, we were unable to get any riding shots unfortunately.

    The big winner was Chase Devlin who caught the longest ride of the day and was awarded a brand new Catch Surf ONE board and clothing.

    Chase in the madness after he won. Heavy bragging rights for 1 year!

  • GET WET Tour Day 4

    July 15th, 2014

    Our 4th stop on the Get Wet tour was Ocean City, Maryland and as usual, it went off. This was the group shot of all the competitors that came out for the expression session surf contest at 35th street in Ocean City, MD.

    Before the expression session contest at 35th street, we had the shop promo right across the street at K-Coast surfshop.

    The K-Coast promo went off with over 200 people showing up. We had a custom board stamping line that wrapped around the shop. Everyone got to get their Catch Surf boards customized in their own special way and for the people who bought boards at the promo, they were given the presidential treatment on the stamps.

    People frothing everywhere.

    This was the frothiest grom in the bunch.

    The expression session contest after the K-Coast event went off and the line up at 35th was dominated by Catch Surf fun!

    The water was a little icy but with fun little waves it was on. Check out this grom throwing out the shuv-it in the contest.

    There was a bunch of Odysea LOG shredders getting in on the fun too. Nick Denny trimming on a nice one!

    Jack McCarthy with the finless Beater skim shred.

    Johnny Redmond loving the good vibes of Ocean City, MD!

    Johnny also loving the little waves in OCMD. Perfect for Beater fun!

    Our Delaware rider Jay Kleman shredding the Catch Surf Super ONE while a board ghost rides in the background.

    Huge congrats to Carter Hill for winning the expression session contest in Ocean City, Maryland and taking home a new Beater and Catch Surf clothing. Carter was busting clean shuv-its and even a big spin!

    A stoked grom taking 3rd place and earning some heavy street cred in OCMD.

    Probably the smartest one of the contest. This grom brought a full suit to stay warm in the 62 water.

    Product toss for the OCMD shredders!

    Check out our boy Brian Stoehr skying it out on the Catch Surf Super ONE the day before. Kinda gnarly…Pic. Kevin Newcomer

  • GET WET Tour Day 3

    July 14th, 2014

    Stop 3 on the Catch Surf Get Wet tour was good times today at WRV surfshop in Virginia Beach, VA. Lots of stamped boards and autographs!

    Johnny Redmond, Kalani Robb and Brian Stoehr signing up posters for everyone.

    Virginia Catch Surf rider Connor Barnes came and hung out today and he even had his own fan squad! Hahaha

    Get a new Catch Surf board and have pro riders Kalani Robb, Johnny Redmond and Brian Stoehr stamp it any custom way you want!

    After the promo at WRV we headed down to 1st Street jetty in Virginia Beach for the expression session contest. VA Catch Surf rippers ready to rip.

    Local Virginia Beach skim shredder Kelly Sobol came out and shredded hard on his Catch Surf ONE board.

    Two legends having fun skimming at the expression session contest. Johnny Redmond and Bill Baxter.

    The VA Catch Surf shredders marching on the beach.

    Kelly Sobol with a solid hack on the ONE.

    Bill Baxter pure amazing.

    Party skim wave.

    Winner of the Virigina Beach expression session was Kailea Baggett. She caught some of the longest rides of the day and for that she won a brand new Beater and Catch Surf clothing.

    Johnny getting tricky with a little Beater ollie.

    LG from WRV is completely insane and we love it!

    Bill Baxter pointing to the north and leading the Catch Surf calvary to his stomping grounds in Ocean City, MD for our next stop tomorrow at K-Coast surf shop.

  • GET WET Tour Day 2

    July 13th, 2014

    The second stop on the GET WET tour was Kitty Hawk Surf Co in Kitty Hawk, NC. All the local KH shredders came down to the shop to hang with the crew, get some autographs, play corn hole for prizes and get their Catch Surf boards custom stamped.

    At the stop we met Zack Tincher who is such a hardcore fan that he got a Catch Surf tattoo!! So rad.

    With promo going on a lot of local shredders got new Catch Surf boards, so they could get them all custom stamped how ever they want.

    Johnny Redmond making dreams and custom stamping a pair of brand new pink Odysea LOG’s.

    After the shop promo at Kitty Hawk Surf Co, we headed down the street to Conch St Beach for the expression session surf contest. The waves were pretty much non existent but that didn’t matter because with a Catch Surf contest we make fun no matter what! So with no waves we turned it into a skim jam.

    This grom pulled the fins out of his new Johnny Redmond pro model Beater and was living the dream at our skim jam.

    Kalani Robb was judging from his custom Beater teepee.

    Johnny Redmond was on the beach giving everyone tips on how to shred at skimming the Beater.

    Johnny having some fun skimming with everyone after the contest ended.

    Another angle of the shot above captured by Kalani on the GoPro.

    Expression session contest winner Jacob Visser came all the way out from Michigan and won a brand new Beaterboard and Catch Surf clothing for his skim skills. Thank you to Kitty Hawk Surf Co and everyone who came out to have fun at the GET WET tour.

  • GET WET Tour Day 1

    July 12th, 2014

    Today was the first stop of the East Coast GET WET Tour which went down in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina at South End surfshop. All the local shredders showed up and the pic above is some of the crew that came out to have some fun.

    At the event everyone could get their boards custom stamped by Johnny Redmond and if you bought a new Catch Surf board you could get as many stamps as you want plus a free Catch Surf shirt or hat!

    Johnny making dreams come true

    After the promo at South End surfshop, we headed across the street for the free expression session surf contest. All the hot locals brought down their Catch Surf boards and competed for a chance to win a brand new Beater , Catch Surf clothing and bragging rights. Check out local boyTrey Callaway getting loose on his Original 54 Beater. Trey won the MVP award and took home some Catch Surf clothing.

    The man who took home the big win was local boy Zach Valenti and he walked away with a new Beater, some Catch Surf clothing and bragging rights for a year!

    Tate Daniel won the best Odysea LOG performance and won some nice Catch Surf goodies.

    Little Bryce won best grom. Check out the shaka he’s throwing out in this one!

    Check out our East Coast sales manager Ryan Savage throwing out a nice skim hack on the Catch Surf ONE board while the contest was going on.

    Before heading to the Wrightsville stop, we stopped by Atlantic Beach surfshop and grabbed some of the dudes from the shop to go down the street to Atlantic Beach pier for a little shred sesh. The waves were 2-3 and Kalani Robb was doing airs all over the place like this one on the Odysea Stump.

    Party Wave!! Atlantic Beach pier.

    Kalani with another air on the Stump, this time over a little grom. Hahaha

    Watch out for Ricky Miller, he’ll pop out of no where…

    Johnny signing away at Atlantic Beach surfshop.

  • Random Pix Wednesday

    July 9th, 2014

    Bill Baxter hucking one in Delaware on the Catch Surf Super ONE surfboard while rocking the paradise print Boardie trunks and hat. Pic. Kevin Newcomer

    Sneak Peek of the fall 2014 Catch Surf clothing.

    Tyler Stanaland charging a heavy one on the 6′ Odysea Skipper in Laguna Beach during this weekend’s past swell. Pic. Corinne Conklin

    Simon Hetrick shredding the Odysea Stump in Ocean City, MD this past weekend. Pic. Stephen Hetrick

    Yair Assaraf throwing chunks on the Original 54 Beater in Isreal. Yes Isreal.

    Big wave bad ass Chuck Patterson getting some tube time on the 4th of July with his Odysea Skipper.

    Check out Cody Turnbull shredding his finless Original 54 Beaterboard in Sri Lanka. Yes Sri Lanka. Pic. @bedecarmine

    Jennar Hellergram killing it on the Catch Surf Odysea Stump at the Active ride shop promo last week.

    Jay “J-Bird” Kleman doing work on the Super ONE board in Ocean City, MD.

  • Kalani scoring south swell Beater fun

    July 8th, 2014

    The swell has been pumping here in Southern California and Kalani Robb took full advantage of it with his Beater yesterday! Kalani driving his signature model Beater into a nice looking pit.

    Punting one feet from the sand with no worries.

    Kalani was pushing it to the max out there on the Beater. This beast gave him a nice little ride…

    This session was heavy.. Medics had to helicopter onto the beach to help someone who wiped out pretty hard. Kalani getting the copter shot.

    Air dropping with the copter in the ski.

    Southern California south swell bliss.

    Float the boat!!

    Style for days in the barrel.